You're making a lot of presentations in Google Slides ? You want high quality icons and logos ? The issue is that Google Slides doesn't enable you to insert SVG file directly in you slides, which is one of the most flexible image type. But fortunately there is a work-around and it's quite simple!

First : what's SVG ? 🤔

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics - is a vector graphic format - based on XML and is used to display a variety of graphics (icons, logos, illustrations, diagrams...) on the web and other environments. It's nothing more than plain text files that describe lines, curves, shapes, colors, and text.

SVG code can be manipulated via CSS or JavaScript. It's an W3C standard, which means it can interact easily with other open standard languages like JavaScript, DOM, CSS, and HTML.

What is SVG good for ?

Scalability and Responsiveness

SVG format is scalable, which means that designs are more responsive.
In fact SVG can scale to fit any screen size, without any loss in quality.

Programmability and Interactivity

SVG is fully editbable and scriptable. Any type of animation can be added to a graphic via CSS and/or JavaScript.


Last but not least, performance. The size of these SVG files impact a lot web performance, they are smaller compared to known JPEG, PNG and GIF that have fixed dimensions.

How to import a SVG file into Google Slides ?

What you’ll need:

1. Search the icon

In this example we will import a simple SVG icon : lotus.svg


Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY</div
Mostly I get SVG icons from these libraries : Flaticons, thenounproject and Material icons.

2. Import the file into your Drive

3. Open it with CloudConvert

Choose export format : vector / emf.
Click on button Start conversion.

Note : In free plan you're limited to 25 conversions per day (more info here).

4. Open emf file with Google Drawing

Go back to your Drive folder, you will see that the .emf file has been created. Open it with Google Drawing.

5. Copy/paste SVG icon into your Slides.

Select the illustration from Google Drawing and copy/paste it into your slides. Then you can modify the colors as you wish, add or remove shapes.

Finish! 😁

Let's compare the quality between PNG and SVG formats :

Banner has been created with icons made by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project and by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY